Hospitality Panel Discussion Sponsored by SIB and M3
October 11, 2023

Hospitality Panel Discussion Sponsored by SIB and M3

Lower Hotel Expenses Now! Hospital Panel Discussion with Industry Experts.

Several hospitality executives recently tuned-in to a No Vacancy, 30-minute panel discussion moderated by hotel industry expert, Glenn Hausmann. The event was sponsored by SIB and M3.

Our online panel featured these guest panelists:

  • Tejal N. Patel, President & CEO, Neem Tree Hospitality (Top 20 Global Hospitality Executives to Watch in 2022)
  • Billy Gilchrist, Chief Development and Finance Officer, HDG and Rose-Lyn Gallegher, Director of Accounting at HDG

Top Take Aways from “Lower Hotel Expenses Now!” panel:

  1. It’s a critical time to reduce costs – but it’s important to free up time for GMs to stay focused on guest experience.
  2. Look beyond GPOs to find major savings opportunities for other high-spend categories for business services.
  3. Invest in audits and reviews to get a picture of overall spending—and a path forward to reduce costs quickly.

Walk away with inspiration and a sense of urgency to lower hotel expenses now!