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Company Overview

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Since we opened our doors in 2008, SIB has found savings for more than 98% of our clients. We make the cost-reduction process effortless for your company. You can rest easily knowing our industry experts are working hard to reduce your costs for all your overhead cost categories. We do it without changing your vendors, so you can enjoy the same working relationships while paying less.

SIB has worked with Fortune 500 companies, restaurant and hotel groups, regional banks, senior living groups, healthcare systems, grocery stores, retail chains, and everything in between. We’ve reviewed $3 billion in spend across 70,000 locations nationwide. That allows us to benchmark pricing for your industry and know what your neighboring businesses are paying for the same services. This gives us leverage when we negotiate with your vendors.

If we don’t find savings, you pay nothing for our services and enjoy knowing your bills are as low as possible. When we do find savings–and we usually do–you pay us through a percentage of those savings.