University Saves $13 Million in Telecom and IT Billing Errors
August 8, 20232 mins read

University Saves $13 Million in Telecom and IT Billing Errors


Private university with 10,000+ students had various supplies supporting voice, data, and cloud needs.


The university desired to transition and modernize its legacy network to reduce costs, increase technological capabilities, and provide a better end-user experience for its students and faculty. They needed a complete and accurate telecom inventory to ensure success, security, and avoid risks of service interruption and unexpected costs.

Neither the outsourced IT expert, the TEM (telecom expense management) provider, nor the telecom services providers have the network inventory expertise needed to successfully create and manage a complete telecom inventory.

Key Issues

  • Project experiencing delays.
  • While some assets were transitioned, others were stranded and continued to bill in error.
  • The risk of cutting something blindly left the CIO feeling helpless.
  • The legacy service providers issued unexpected and substantial back bills that the university was unable to validate.


Sage loaded all IT and telecom service provider contracts, invoices, tickets, and orders into its proprietary infuse application for correlation, normalization, and audit.

We provided site audit templates and conducted on-site audits—strategically auditing the entire telecom footprint to identify overbillings and opportunities for network and contract optimization.


Sage implemented infuse for ongoing visibility and financial assurance. The university now has complete and granular visibility into their network, a powerful mechanism to ensure contract compliance, financial assurance, and ongoing network management.

What We Achieved:

  • Identified $10 million in telecom billing errors
  • Identified $3 million in IT billing errors
  • Reduced recurring monthly service provider expenses from $350,000 to $50,000
  • Offset the back-bill liability with disputes resulting in a net gain of $6 million

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