Regional Nonprofit Healthcare Engages SIB to Reduce Telecom Costs
August 2, 20231 min read

Regional Nonprofit Healthcare Engages SIB to Reduce Telecom Costs


Regional nonprofit healthcare system with more than 8,100 employees.



Despite implementing various cost-reduction initiatives, the client’s telecom expenses have consistently increased over the years. The team’s focus on daily operations and the lack of internal resources have impeded their ability to internally audit telecom lines and expenses.

Managing telecom costs effectively has become difficulty for the client’s technology team due to the large number of employees and multiple locations.  As a result, unattended business lines and unnecessary expenses emerged.



Utilize SIB’s expense in telecom expense management and Sage Management’s (an SIB company) comprehensive physical audit to identify opportunities to optimize telecom expenses for phone, internet, and wireless.  Identify and cancel unnecessary lines, reconfigure data plans based on usage patterns, negotiate reduced rates with major telecom providers, and proactively address billing errors and secure credits for the client.



The client achieved substantial cost reductions and enhanced operational efficiency. We identified eight savings opportunities across four vendors resulting in a total annual savings of $330,000.

SIB actively monitors wireless data usage, ensuring that the client aligns with the correct plan each month to optimize rates and prevent overages or payment for unused services.


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