Pizza Hut Franchisee Saves $172,000 for Phone, Internet, Propane, Waste Removal, and Bank Fees
August 2, 20232 mins read

Pizza Hut Franchisee Saves $172,000 for Phone, Internet, Propane, Waste Removal, and Bank Fees


ADT Pizza is one of the top 10 Pizza Hut franchisees with 200 locations across the U.S. and plans to expand.



ADT’s executive team needed a way to track and manage costs across their operations. InfoSync, a provider of accounting, payroll, and reporting services for the restaurant industry, introduced ADT to the team at SIB.


“What was great for us was that the partnership between SIB and InfoSync was so seamless. The dashboard had most of the needed information and acted as a turn-key solution to get us moving quickly.”



Review ADTs vendor transaction history and quickly identify opportunities for rate reductions in multiple spend categories. 

Using our nationwide database of benchmark pricing, SIB identified overcharges and secured refunds for any billing discrepancies and worked with incumbent vendors to secure best-in-class pricing.  

During the engagement, we learned that ADT had plans to transition to a new. VoIP system. We could see from the InfoSync data that ADT’s past telecom spend was higher than it should be. The review uncovered prior overcharges and the SIB telecom team was able to act quickly and secure all credits before the transition to the new system was finalized.



SIB secured $172,000 in annual savings for ADT Pizza for phone and internet, propane, waste removal and bank fees. This allowed the ADT Pizza leadership team to focus on other important initiatives such as guest experience and an upcoming acquisition while we delivered cost reductions.

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