Dental Services Organization Reduces Annual Costs by 21%
September 1, 20231 min read

Dental Services Organization Reduces Annual Costs by 21%


Absolute Dental, a large and growing Dental Service Organization, based in Nevada.


Absolute Dental’s CFO was concerned that their earnings margin had been negatively impacted and that it was time to proactively identify cost savings in several expense areas. The CFO and his team were focused on growth and lacked the internal expertise or resources to manage several of these expense areas.


Review $9+million in annual expenses and identify the highest potential areas for cost reduction.


SIB found three opportunities for cost savings and achieved an overall savings of 21%

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Treasury fees
  • Specialty gases

SIB also confirmed that Absolute Dental already secured competitive contracts and optimized pricing in place for utilities, waste removal, document destruction, payroll processing, and property taxes.

Savings Highlights:

  • 51% reduction in treasury bank fees
  • $5,000 per month in dental supplies and oxygen
  • No change in vendor, products, or service levels required to achieve savings

SIB’s process was quick and efficient…On bank fees, SIB achieved 51% savings. They conducted their reviews in a professional manner without changing vendors or service levels.

Jeff Couper, Chief Financial Officer

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