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Waste Removal Expense Management

Waste_Removal_Review_AuditSIB Fixed Cost Reduction helps your company reduce waste removal expenses. A thorough audit enables us to uncover and correct billing errors and extraneous charges dating back as far as five years. Our cost reduction experts boast the expertise and experience necessary to negotiate best-in-class rates for your company. Since we don’t get paid until you actually realize savings, it’s a no-risk solution to waste removal expense management.

Let SIB conduct a waste removal expense audit to discover and realize savings for your company.

Waste Removal Audit Categories

Whether you’re managing a single business or several, our cost reduction audit helps you find savings on waste removal services:

Solid Waste (Trash)

Regular waste removal service is essential to maintaining a sanitary and safe operation, but it’s important not to overpay for this service. Our waste removal cost reduction analysts conduct a waste removal audit and find opportunities for savings on this ongoing expense.


Recycling is a relatively sustainable and environmentally-conscious method of waste disposal, but the monthly service expenses can be costly. SIB’s waste removal audit helps you identify and correct overspending on recycling service.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste disposal can prove especially expensive, specifically due to the highly specialized nature of the service. Let us ensure that you’re getting an accurate bill with best-in-class pricing.

Organic Waste

Help your company save money by utilizing SIB’s waste removal expense management audits and consulting. We’ll inspect your organic waste disposal bills, identify fixed cost reduction opportunities and work with your vendor to reduce your monthly costs.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous material disposal is a necessary but costly expense for companies that deal with toxic substances. Our cost reduction experts help you reduce this expense.

Medical Waste

SIB’s cost reduction analysts identify where you’re overpaying for medical waste disposal and work with your vendor to implement savings.

Shredding Services / Document Destruction

If you currently pay a vendor for shredding services or document destruction, we can help you reduce your monthly bill.

Waste Removal Cost Reduction

Our waste removal cost reduction team is comprised of industry experts who have previously worked for waste removal companies. They speak the lingo, know the margins and are uniquely equipped to get you the best possible pricing. We analyze thousands of bills every month, and that experience leads to incomparable benchmark pricing knowledge. Our experience with vendors also gives us an inside picture of their historical tendency for overcharging. We’re often able to obtain refunds for up to five years after uncovering erroneous billing practices.

Our industry insiders identify the true cost of your waste removal service and then work backward from there to achieve the best possible monthly savings for your company.

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