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Reduce Water, Sewer & Stormwater Bills

Utilities like water, sewer, and stormwater may seem like a minor expense, but small variations in costs can add up, especially for companies with numerous locations. Working with utility cost reduction specialists can ensure those variations add up in your favor. With years of experience in this area, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can help you find ways to reduce your water and sewer bills month over month.

Utility Cost Reduction – Water & Sewer Bill Audits

Your water and sewer utility assures that your premises are always supplied with the water and drainage they need and that the equipment used to transport it from its source to its destination is clean and in good working order. If everything is functioning as it should, you’ve probably never had a reason to second-guess the service you’re receiving. However, many commercial water and sewer expenses are laden with hidden fees, service charges, and other extras that may not have been addressed or even thought of when the service was initially set up.

SIB has years of experience helping companies identify these redundant or unnecessary charges to reduce their water and sewer bills. Our experts are former industry professionals with deep knowledge of water/sewer billing practices. Leveraging our deep experience in this area, we’ll examine your service level, audit your recent utility bills, and respond accordingly to save you money. We obtain any possible refunds or credits and secure the best rates possible.

Additional Opportunities to Save – Evaporation Credits

Beyond performing a comprehensive water and sewer bill audit, SIB will work to obtain credits to provide additional savings. One credit that has been particularly successful to help lower sewer costs is what is known as an “evaporation credit.” This credit provides compensation for sewer costs that a company has been charged for but has not actually been used due to evaporation systems diverting water from the sewer system.

An evaporation credit is not one your utility is likely to ever mention to you, and they can be tricky to obtain. Involving close measurement and expert relationship management with the service provider, evaporation credits are not a sure thing. With an expert on your side, however, you stand a better chance of earning these credits. SIB’s utility cost reduction specialists have successfully obtained evaporation credits for many companies, increasing savings above and beyond what is typically achieved through a simple audit alone.

Appealing Stormwater Utility Fees

Another area in which SIB helps companies reduce their water bills is stormwater utility fees. These are fees that utility companies charge for stormwater runoff in an effort to support the ongoing operation and maintenance of public drainage systems. Calculating these fees, however, is a complicated process, with many opportunities for error, including:

  • Hasty calculations leading to inaccurate billing
  • Inconsistent data and methodologies
  • Conflicting definitions of permeable and impermeable surfaces
  • Billing errors hidden within lump sums

As with evaporation credits, your utility will not reach out to you to confirm that their bills are accurate. It is up to you to appeal any inaccurate charges. This can be a tedious process, necessitating a deep understanding of how the fees are calculated and areas in which they may be disputed. SIB will work on your behalf to uncover discrepancies and carry out the appeals process to help you save more on your stormwater bills.

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

SIB will reduce your fixed costs without interruption to your service. Our process is simple – all we need to do is examine your recent water/sewer/stormwater bills to perform our audit. We are so confident that we will be able to reduce your water bill that we willingly take on 100 percent of the risk. If we can’t reduce your water and sewer expenses, you don’t pay us a dime.

When we do find opportunities for savings, we will work with your utilities to implement a more cost-efficient arrangement. Taking into account the level of service you expect and the results you demand, we make sure that you are receiving the best possible value for your money.

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