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Armored Car Services

Armored CarCompanies need to protect their assets, but who is protecting their budgets? For many businesses that need to transport a high volume of valuables, armored car services are the only way to go. For companies like these, armored car services are a fixed cost and likely back of mind. But “fixed” cost does not mean there’s no room to save.

Many businesses believe their armored car situations are as foolproof as the armored cars themselves. There are likely a number of opportunities, however, for companies to reduce their expenses. SIB fixed cost reduction experts helps organizations find those opportunities.

Thorough Audit to Uncover Savings

Most organizations know their bottom line, but many may have difficulty uncovering opportunities to improve their bottom line. SIB’s proven process can help organizations to reduce fixed costs on things like armored car expenses to help their business flourish.

To unlock opportunities for savings, we perform a thorough analysis of companies’ armored car expenses. Here’s how we break it down:

  • The kick-off call. First, we figure out exactly what a company needs. Organizations likely already have specific goals in mind that need fulfilling as soon as possible. We use this time to find out a company’s biggest needs and work to tackle those first.
  • Transparency. Once the business comfortable, they provide us with access to all relevant armored car bills and contracts. Having all of this helps us to get a clear picture and maximize the organization’s savings.
  • Audit. Our team of experts have been saving companies money on fixed costs like armored car services for years. We review companies’ expenses, uncover opportunities for savings, and present them in a clear and easily understandable summary.

Risk-Free Approach

One of the best parts about working with SIB is our risk-free approach. We don’t actually implement any of our suggested changes until we get the say-so from our clients, which means our clients don’t risk anything by letting us evaluate their position.

Once we get our client’s approval, we’ll implement our approach and present the savings. That means companies can sit back, relax, and enjoy substantial cost reductions with no need to worry.

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