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Reduce Cable & Satellite TV Expenses


If your company offers cable or satellite television to your customers, you want to deliver the best quality at the lowest possible price. Whether the service is in a residential apartment complex, hotel or motel, or entertainment in a bar or restaurant, you may be missing opportunities to lower your spend. From equipment costs to the cost of delivery, you shouldn’t have to compromise quality in order to lower your cable and satellite TV expenses. With years of experience and deep knowledge in the industry, SIB knows just where to look to find opportunities to reduce fixed expenses like cable and satellite TV costs, helping to ensure you get the best price for the content you need.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of end users, we know your biggest concern is keeping your service online at all times. Many enterprise-level businesses get locked into long-term contracts with a lot of fine print—meaning their rates can go up at any time for reasons largely unknown and often unnoticed.

SIB analyzes every detail of your agreements and re-negotiates key clauses to help save you money. We want to make certain you are getting exactly what you are paying for, but that you are not paying for any services you don’t need.

Some of the areas we look at when it comes to reducing cable and satellite TV costs include:

  • Leased equipment vs. purchased equipment costs
  • Replacing outdated equipment
  • Cable television or satellite service programming access costs
  • Service delivery costs
  • Cable internet lines
  • Capping costs
  • Technical support costs
  • Maintenance costs

SIB’s cost reduction specialists dive deeper to find hidden costs and maximize savings. We have extensive experience helping organizations reduce cable and satellite TV costs across a number of industry sectors, including senior living, student housing, hospitals, hospitality organizations and more. We look at your supplier options from several different angles and work to ensure you are getting optimal value at each point.

SIB’s Process and No-Risk Approach

If we are unable to reduce your costs, you won’t pay a dime – it’s just that simple. All we need to get started is your last two months’ worth of billing in order to begin finding opportunities for savings.

There are several methods that SIB uses to find savings for your company:

  • Service and delivery cost negotiation.First, we identify your specific needs. Then, we look at your contracts and service agreements to determine the best possible way to reduce your costs.
  • Equipment expenses.Old, outdated equipment may hinder your ability to deliver quality service and drain your electrical resources. Focusing on quality and energy efficiency often makes a significant impact to your bottom line.
  • Maintenance and tech support.If you have not updated your maintenance and tech support contracts lately, you might be paying too much. SIB makes sure that you don’t pay for services you don’t require and that you are getting the quality and service your customers demand.

Work with SIB to Reduce Telecom Expenses

If you are looking for ways to reduce telecom expenses like cable and satellite TV, SIB can help. Without interruption to service or compromising quality of service, SIB will help you find opportunities for maximum savings.

Contact SIB today to begin reducing your Cable and Satellite TV expenses.