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Telecom Expense Management & Bill Auditing

Telecom_Review_AuditAre you getting what you pay for?

Your business’ need for telephones, internet, wifi and related telecommunications expenses grow with each passing year.–and your bills grow with it. You can’t do business without these vital communications, but you have options for paying less. Errors, mischarges and unused lines are common occurrences in telecom billing. SIB can help you pay less without changing providers.

Consider these telecom categories of expense.


Phone service presents a costly telecom expenses. In fact, a study by a U.S. Senate Committee uncovered errors in excess of $2 billion annually on landline telephone bills in the U.S. Is your company overpaying?

A thorough telecom audit enables us to identify where you can save on telephone service. Upon analyzing your telephone bills and finding opportunities for savings, we’ll work directly with your phone service provider to reduce your monthly costs. We take a close look at PBX contracts, too.


Many companies overpay for Internet service. Whether it’s unreasonable pricing or billing errors, excessive Internet expenses can be costly in the long run. Our telecom expense management professionals analyze your current Internet bills, find fixed opportunities and work with your provider to implement the savings.

Wireless Phones

Wireless phone service comprises a significant fixed monthly expense. Our telecom experts work to reduce your monthly wireless phone costs, providing long-term savings for your business.


Secure your business without paying an excessive alarm monitoring bill each month. Our fixed cost reduction experts find savings on your alarm bills and work with the alarm company to bring those savings to fruition.

Security Cameras

While it’s important to protect your company’s facilities, overpaying for security cameras and monitoring can be financially prohibitive. Our professionals find you savings on security camera service, enabling you to keep your company secure while responsibly managing fixed monthly expenses.

Cable and Satellite Television

Take advantage of significantly better rates on cable and satellite television service when you work with our telecom cost reduction experts. Our former telecom industry professionals have the experience and the knowledge needed to get your company the best pricing on cable and satellite TV service.

Telephone System Maintenance

Get the best possible rates and realize savings on telephone system maintenance with SIB. After conducting our telecom audit to identify savings opportunities, we’ll work directly with your vendor to reduce your monthly costs.

Our telecom expense management team is comprised of former industry executives who have specific experience in the complexity of rapidly changing telecom billing platforms.

Our telecom expense management professionals know the industry jargon, the benchmark pricing and the unpublished discount rates. We’re able to find billing errors, detect instances of over-service and get you best-in-class telecom rates.

We first conduct an audit of your telecom bills to discover opportunities for savings. We then negotiate directly with your vendors to correct errors and get you the best pricing on monthly service. Often, after we find savings, we can begin the process of recovering erroneous charges dating back as far as five years.

SIB has a 98% success rate when it comes finding savings on fixed monthly business expenses. Let us help you reduce your telecom costs.

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