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Alarm / Security Auditing


Security and alarm systems are a necessary part of any organization. You need to know that your facilities, equipment, and employees are safe from harm. However, there is a tendency, especially in an enterprise scenario, to overpay for everything from hardware to monitoring and on-site staff. The good news is that you don’t have to pay at a premium to get premium quality service. All you need is a good negotiator who has your best interests in mind.

The Value of an Alarm / Security Audit

SIB works with your current vendors to analyze each aspect of your security protocol, from security cameras and monitoring to emergency response and on-site staffing. We work to improve the efficiency of your security operation, bringing outdated equipment and processes to light while eliminating any redundancy.  We also aim to reduce costs for your alarm and security systems through strategic negotiation, but may sometimes recommend the installation or adoption of a new security system as well. Ultimately, we want you to understand what you’re paying for and why you need it, which is why we provide a full report of our findings that illustrates where the most effective fixed cost reduction opportunities can be found.

SIB’s Cost Reduction Process and No-Risk Approach

There are several areas in which SIB can find savings within your security and alarm system contracts:

  • Rate negotiation. If you haven’t updated your service agreements in a while, you may be paying too much. We look at your specific needs first and then determine the best way to reduce your costs. In many cases, SIB can negotiate firm pricing or capped fee increases, helping to stabilize the cost of your contract over time.
  • Equipment expenses. Legacy security equipment may actually be costing you more money than it’s worth. SIB will identify the most cost-effective solution for your security equipment needs and remain by your side through implementation.
  • Security personnel. For companies with outsourced security guards, we will ensure that these services are being offered at competitive rates and industry-standard service levels without compromising safety.
  • Monitoring. If you use an outside monitoring service, we may be able to negotiate a better deal for you, leveraging our experience with a broad range of vendors and contracts. For companies that have scaled to multiple locations, this can often represent a significant reduction in security costs.

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