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Savings Opportunity: Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Audit: SIB Fixed Cost Reduction





Employee benefits audit: SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

Between medical benefits, prescription programs, life insurance, disability and the management of it all, your total cost of employee benefits is substantial. In fact, companies are spending an average of $10,000 per employee annually for health and wellness programs.

SIB provides a significant savings opportunity for our clients with no risk or upfront expense to you. We evaluate your existing benefits program so you’re paying for only the services you need and getting the best price. We analyze your plan to expose hidden fees or supplemental arrangements. We’re industry insiders with the competitive knowledge to optimize your management spend. We are not brokers and are therefore completely independent from the industry and free of any conflicts of interest. Our only goal is to SAVE YOU MONEY.

To learn more about our cost reduction strategies for employee benefits, or other fixed monthly spend categories like waste, telecom, utilities, and maintenance contracts, please CONTACT US.