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Recycling Expense Reduction

Reducing usage of resources is the best way to curb business waste and save money, but reusing materials and recycling can deliver significant benefits too. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offers its clients outstanding guidance on recycling efforts as a way to reduce the cost of waste removal, and also finds ways to reduce expenses for companies that already recycle.

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Many items that can’t be reused can be recycled, which can save on landfill charges.

Recycling is a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of waste removal. However, the monthly service expenses can be costly. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction uses expert knowledge of waste removal to audit and identify overspending for your recycling service. Our proven strategy to reduce your expenses includes analyzing your monthly invoices for billing errors and possible overcharges, identifying areas where you may be paying for a recycling service that you do not need or use, as well as negotiating rates to get your business the best deal for all your waste removal needs. Our cost reduction analysts at SIB are experts in identifying areas that can reduce your business expenses and have found savings opportunities for 98 percent of our clients.

Many companies shy away from recycling services because they consider recycling to be an unnecessary expense. For companies not currently using recycling services, they can, in fact, be paying more for traditional waste removal services. Many companies pay to rent dumpsters, and recycling cuts down on the amount of waste that goes into the dumpster, which in turn can reduce rental fees and disposal costs. Typical products that can be recycled include:

recycling services

  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass

Recycling is an important part of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction’s audit and analysis of business expenses. We have helped clients develop recycling programs that make smart business sense, as well as identify opportunities to reduce the cost of their pre-existing recycling services.

Recycling Can Cost Less than Ordinary Waste Disposal

Any company conducting an expense reduction analysis should consider how recycling can help mitigate their solid waste disposal expenses. In many situations, recycling can cost significantly less than delivering it to landfills. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can optimize waste removal and recycling services to maximize expense reduction by taking factors such as your location, type of waste and local regulations into account.

How “Upcycling” Can Supplement Recycling

Most expense reduction analysis related to recycling concerns products that are commonly recycled, such as paper and aluminum cans.  However, depending on your industry, you may produce waste materials that can be reused by other businesses, a process known as “upcycling.” Companies across a range of industries are performing solid waste audits to learn exactly how much can be reused and recycled so that waste sent to landfills is kept to a minimum. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can help your company make the most of this cost reduction effort, while at the same time making your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Unorthodox ways to reduce landfill waste (like upcycling) can also reduce business expenses.

Working with Suppliers and Recycling Collectors

If you’re performing a cost analysis to determine how best to use recycling to cut solid waste disposal expenses, consider your relationships with suppliers. Could some or all of your suppliers take back packaging from the products they send you? Could they supply products in reusable packaging like wooden crates? Also consider how rapidly recyclable waste accumulates. If recycling bins take two or three weeks to fill, ask your public works department or other waste collection service to pick up recycling bi-weekly rather than weekly. When you work with a provider like SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, you learn new ways to keep costs associated with recycling to a minimum while maximizing cost savings and benefits.

How SIB Can Benefit Your Company

SIB’s team of industry experts understand pricing, margins and options for disposing of business waste. We can perform a cost analysis and show you ways to reduce waste removal expenses without any upfront costs. With our experience in recognizing erroneous billing and overcharging, we can help maximize monthly savings for your company.

If you’re interested in reducing your recycling expenses or are considering a corporate recycling initiative, contact SIB Fixed Cost Reduction.