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Bio-Hazardous Waste Disposal Cost Reduction Strategies


Whether you’re operating as a medical facility, manufacturing plant, forensic lab, or other business that handles sensitive materials, you want to be sure that any bio-hazardous waste is removed safely and effectively. From medical waste disposal to chemical and pharmaceutical waste removal, this is an area where quality control is extremely important.  What is also important is ensuring that you are not paying more than you need to be for these services.  Without changing the level of service that works best for you, SIB can leverage effective cost reduction strategies to lower the impact of waste removal on your bottom line.

Proven Cost Reduction Strategies

Like many niche services, biohazard waste removal can come at a premium—especially for organizations such as hospitals and laboratories that need to dispose of biomedical, chemo, pathological, pharmaceutical, and other wastes in bulk. Service providers may assume that companies with the need to dispose of such sensitive materials won’t look too deeply into their contracts or think twice about their current level of service as long as the job gets done. This is where SIB shines when it comes to reducing waste removal costs.

Our first step is a thorough analysis of your current contracts. We identify any disparities between the level of service you are receiving and the level of service you are paying for. We then negotiate with your current service provider to obtain the best possible rate for the same level of service you have been receiving. Using a national database of benchmarked rates compiled over years of experience implementing our expense management strategies in this industry, SIB can identify opportunities for you to reduce costs with minimal impact to your current level of service.

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

SIB implements effective expense management strategies to streamline and minimize the impact of fixed costs on your bottom line. We can help you reduce your biohazard waste removal costs in as little as one month.

We first get to know how you use the service and what level of service you receive from your provider. From there, we examine every detail of your contract to determine if there are services you are being charged for that you do not use. We scour your recent invoices and identify any billing errors, obtaining refunds or credits where applicable. Finally, we renegotiate your contract at a rate that is in line with industry standards for the service you receive.

Throughout the process, SIB assumes all risk. If our process does not uncover opportunities for savings on your bio-hazardous waste disposal services, you pay nothing. Additionally, we work with your current vendors to ensure there will be no noticeable change to your service as we implement our cost reduction strategies. Once we have successfully negotiated a better rate for you, SIB will continue to audit your bills to ensure compliance and potentially identify even more ways to save.

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