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SIB Fixed Cost Reduction Partners With NAASF to Save Money for Subway Franchisees

Publication: Market Wired Published: August 18, 2016 Full Article

CHARLESTON, SC–(Marketwired – March 10, 2015) – ┬áSIB Fixed Cost Reduction, a company specializing in reducing recurring monthly expenses for multiple-location companies, announced today that it has launched a new project with the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF) to provide cost reduction services to the association’s members.

“We are very excited to offer SIB’s services to our members,” said Illya Berecz, Executive Director of NAASF. “SIB has a uniquely comprehensive expertise when it comes to monitoring and reducing costs in the quick-service restaurant industry, and that’s why our board voted to partner with them. The level of services and benefits that SIB is able to offer to Subway franchisees makes them a perfect fit with the mission of NAASF.”

Under the new arrangement, SIB will work with NAASF to offer a wide range of services to participating members’ restaurant locations throughout North America. SIB will identify savings for franchisees by negotiating better contracts for recurring monthly service expenses (such as phone, internet, waste removal, bank fees, utilities, maintenance contracts, and others), and by finding and correcting errors and overcharges on past bills. Subway franchisees will only pay SIB a percentage of the final, realized savings.

“I think SIB’s relationship with NAASF will be very lucrative for their member franchisees,” said Dan Schneider, CEO of SIB. “We get our best results when we’re able to work with multiple-location companies, and I’m confident that we will be a big help to any Subway franchisee looking to reduce their costs across the board at all of their restaurants.”