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SIB Fixed Cost Reduction acquires stake in legal bill analysis firm

Publication: Published: March 26, 2019 Full Article

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction announced that it has acquired a stake in Santorian LLC, which helps organizations manage their legal invoices and identify overcharges and billing errors to assure they are receiving maximum value from their legal service providers. In addition, Santorian will be using SIB’s proprietary software, which employs OCR and Data Capture technology to streamline the collection and analysis of line item data from invoices. Santorian is now rebranded under the SIB umbrella as SIB Legal Bill Review.

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction specializes in reducing recurring expenses for companies, regardless of industry, by negotiating best in class rates, rectifying billing errors and standardizing service levels with their clients’ current vendors. SIB bills only on the savings they are able to find with a 98 percent success rate at finding savings for its clients.

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