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Fleet Leasing Contract Audits

While the world we live in and the way you do business might be in a constant state of flux, your fleet leases should provide stability, predictability and a fair value. SIB cost reduction specialists can help you find opportunities to save on fleet leasing services through a thorough audit.

Reduce Fleet Leasing Costs

With years of experience, SIB experts know which areas to target to help you save. Our fleet leasing cost reduction services focus on these key areas to maximize savings:

  • Fleet Financial Analysis. Leveraging an extensive database, we can analyze your leases and determine if you are paying a fair price. If not, we can negotiate a better rate on your behalf. Targeted areas for savings in this area include full service leasing, finance leasing, maintenance, and more.
  • Fuel Cost Auditing.Whether you acquire your fuel through retail, bulk, or fleet card payment programs, our experts can identify opportunities to help you lower your expenditures and advise you on more cost-efficient methods for fueling your fleet.
  • Material Handling Evaluation.With thorough knowledge of fleet operational best practices, SIB cost consultants can provide an evaluation to help improve safety, workflow specification, and fleet size. From right-sizing your fleet to optimizing acquisition costs and lease structures, we will work to maximize your savings.

Managing these costs involves several layers of focus. Determining whether a certain expense is viable within your budget is essential as unnecessary expenses can tip the scales in the wrong direction. Since some of these expenses are optional, you might find that you are paying too much. Many fleet leasing companies charge a premium for add-ons like maintenance services, fuel, or risk mitigation programs even if they are not mandated by the contract. Identifying these premiums and negotiating an equitable solution can dramatically reduce your costs.

SIB looks closely at each line item in your agreement to determine if the amount you have agreed to pay is reasonable under the terms of your contract. Our experts will then identify areas in which you can save. Our ultimate goal is to keep your workforce moving with no disruption to your service as it stands.

SIB’s No-Risk Approach

SIB has a proven track record when it comes to negotiating better rates for fleet leases.  We also have a deep understanding of commerce that spans a myriad of industries.

The contract audit process is as simple as getting to know you. We take time to understand how your company works and the kind of performance you demand from your fleet. Taking the level of service you expect into account, our team examines your lease and looks at your most recent bills to determine exactly what you are paying for versus what you are receiving. We then benchmark your costs against national standards and identify opportunities to save.

After performing our audit, we will work with your service provider to establish a more equitable baseline. We obtain discounts or credits where possible and will continue to monitor your billing to ensure your new rates remain in place, while also watching for additional savings opportunities. This is all provided at no risk to you. If we are unable to identify savings, you don’t owe us a thing. We are so confident that we will be able to reduce your truck / fleet leasing costs that we are willing to take on 100 percent of the risk in performing the audit.

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