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How a Business Expense Report Audit Can Save You Money

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We’ll be the first to admit it: the word “audit” can be a little scary.

Fortunately, we’re talking about a business expense report audit: examining your outgoing money and bills to see where you can identify some savings and help improve your bottom line. There doesn’t have to be a single scary thing about it.

Still not convinced? Okay, fine: let’s look through some of the most common positive discoveries we make when we at SIB Development work with companies to examine how they can save money on their business expenses.

Billing Errors in Your Favor

Remember the card from Hasbro’s “Monopoly” that says “Bank error in your favor”? It’s always a pleasant surprise. When it comes to business expenses, you’d be amazed at how often we find billing errors that result in businesses paying more money than they have to.

The bigger the business, the more likely there are to be errors. Granted, if your business keeps its expenses simple and generally reviews them every month to make sure you’re being charged the correct amount, you’re less likely to find an error. But that’s why we at SIB Development don’t charge you a fee unless we help you find savings.

Identifying Unused Expenses

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your bills: you’re just paying too many of them, at too high a cost. Identifying unused expenses is another discovery you can make when you give yourself an expense report audit because such an audit forces you to scrutinize your bills. Are you overpaying for the platforms you use? Are you spending too much on consultants when they have negotiable fees? If you start asking the right questions, you start to realize there are savings to be had almost everywhere.

Finding Services You No Longer Use

We at SIB Development look at a lot of expenses, including everything from conference calling software to copier and printer leases. As your business grows, so do its expenses—but that’s no guarantee of efficiency. The larger your business, the more likely it is that there are redundancies, unused subscriptions and fees, and some contracts you can opt out of that no longer help your company in the slightest. Finding services you no longer use is one potential way to ensure instant savings. The best part? There doesn’t need to be any effect to the way you handle business on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you’re looking to give yourself a telecom audit, a business expense report audit, or simply want to find some new cost reduction methods, you can work with SIB Development and let us find where the savings are—at no upfront risk to you. Simply get in contact with us to give yourself a business expense audit—we’ll gladly look at your bills and identify the areas where you can immediately start saving. And the best part: we don’t get paid with any upfront costs. Our top priority is to cut your business expenses and to save you money. We only make money when you save it.