blog 6 mins read June 27, 2024

4 Untapped Opportunities for Cost Reduction in Higher Education

Our government team spoke with California Regent Emerita, Charlene Zettel, to discuss the importance of cost reduction to free up university budget dollars especially in the face of rising budget deficits for higher education. Four opportunistic areas include: procurement processes, interdepartmental collaboration, data-driven decisions, and a focus on sustainability.

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blog 4 mins read May 9, 2024

5 Reasons Railroads Need to Pay More Attention to Energy Spend in 2024

Railroads need to start prioritizing better utility bill and cost management practices. Doing so helps to avoid costly late fees, safeguards against critical infrastructure shutoffs, ensures optimal tariff rates, helps to obtain lower costs in deregulated energy markets, and creates focus on sustainability reporting requirements. Get focused now!

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blog 4 mins read April 26, 2024

Take Your Waste Stream Trash Talk Up a Notch

Waste stream visibility is key to achieving waste management sustainability goals. Waste invoices often lack the necessary information needed to improve visibility. Here are three actions you can take now to improve waste stream visibility in your organization today.

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blog 5 mins read March 27, 2024

6 Overspending Excuses Hoteliers Need to Eliminate Now

With human capital being the number one priority for hotel operators, it's easy to understand why hoteliers lack the time to dig into other, hard-to-mange spend categories. If you are looking to drive efficiencies today, it’s imperative to dive in and tackle these spend areas that are notoriously hard-to-manage and prone to consistent price creep. The good news is, many of the reasons for failing to evaluate or address these costs in the past are based on common misconceptions.

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blog 6 mins read March 27, 2024

Find a True Third Party Logistics and Fulfillment Partner

Five things you should consider when searching for a new third party fulfillment and logistics partner that meets your current needs and future growth plans. How our team of shipping and fulfillment experts work with clients to identify and vet potential partners with long term value.

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blog 4 mins read March 27, 2024

Keep Your Teams Intact. Lose the Spend Elsewhere. 

Labor has always been the largest operating expense for hoteliers and, historically, the primary focus when it comes to controlling costs. But today's hotel operators are more committed than ever before to holding on to their people and compensating them well. By taking a closer look at frequently ignored, hard-to-manage operating costs, hoteliers can save money and increase profitability without cutting into their valuable human resources.

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blog 6 mins read February 26, 2024

How Vendor Billing Errors Cut into Your Bottom Line

Companies struggling to save money should take a look at your monthly bills. Whether you’re overpaying for your services, missing out on tax exemption opportunities or incurring accidental late fees, fixed cost bills can quietly drain your financial resources without you even noticing.

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blog 4 mins read February 26, 2024

Is Commercial Property Tax a Fixed Cost? Why You’re Paying Too Much

Commercial property tax may be a fixed cost, but it is both negotiable and an area that offers the potential for dramatic savings for your company. Yet despite this, many organizations do not negotiate the money they are paying on their property, whether they are lessees or owners.

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blog 6 mins read February 26, 2024

The Key Roles of a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) in Supply Chain Management

Ecommerce and most business-to-business (B2B) companies don’t exist to ship products. That may be an important role in what they do, but it’s not the purpose. They want to get their products to customers who can use them. The supply chain is how this happens, and many businesses find that outsourcing some or all of this role can improve their growth, customer service, and the bottom line.

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blog 7 mins read February 12, 2024

Build Your Cost Control Muscle in 2024

SIB board member and long-time CFO, Mike Lewis, spoke with us about key actions for CFOs in today's economy. Why cost consciousness and cost containment are the most proactive means to achieving profit targets. And why you shouldn't shy away from the "long middle" of contract compliance in your efforts to make cost control a core driver of profitable growth.

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blog 4 mins read January 19, 2024

SB 253 – What Every Company Needs to Know About the New California Emissions Reporting Law

It's time to get serious about putting emissions reporting in place. Five things every company needs to know about about California's New Emissions Reporting Law, SIB 253. Learn more about the first emissions reporting disclosure many organizations will have to meet.

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blog 5 mins read January 19, 2024

Why You Can’t Afford to Delay Emissions Reporting Any Longer

The mainstreaming of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs in the US has made emissions reporting mandatory for businesses of all sizes and types, requiring them to understand and disclose their emissions, rather than waiting for it to become optional.

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